OPC UA Server/Client, IBH Link UA med Quad Core

IBH Link UA er OPC UA Server/Client modul med integrert firewall for SIMATIC S5, S7-300, S7-400, S7-1200 og S7-1500 PLS. Med Quad Core er det en god løsning for krevende applikasjoner. Den er DIN monterbar, har fire Ethernet porter og 24V power supply.

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  • OPC UA Server for easy connection to MES, ERP and SAP systems and visualizations
  • OPC UA Client functions for S7 PLC to connect to external OPC UA server systems
  • 4 Ethernet Ports with Firewall -> clean separation of machine and supervision level
  • Scalable security levels through exchange of digitally signed certificates
  • Connection to S7-PLCs over S7 TCP/IP or IBH Link S7++
  • Connection to S5-PLCs over IBH Link S5++
  • Comfortable configuration with Siemens STEP7 or the TIA Portal -> no need for other special software
  • Administration via web browser Historical Data
  • Alarms & Conditions
  • Modbus connection
  • MQTT connection
  • Custom defineable address space
  • NEW: Support for the SINUMERIK 840D/840D SL
  • NEW: Support for the Mitsubishi controller MELSEC IQR, FX5, QnA and L series
  • NEW: Support for the Rockwell controller Controllogix and Compactlogix
  • NEW: Download and Upload of the configuration on a MicroSD card
  • NEW: AnyViz Cloud connection

Rail mount

The IBH Link UA is designed for DIN rail mounting:  


The administration can be made with an up to date web browser over the Ethernet port 1 by using the host name http://ibhlinkua_<serial number> (f.i.http://ibhlinkua_0001170)

or over the ports 2-4 by entering the default IP Address

No other tools are required.

Default IP Address configuration:

Port 1: DHCP

Port 2-4:

Default Login:



Ethernet Interface

Ethernet pin out of the RJ45 female connector:

Pin Signal Meaning
1 TD+ Receive Data +
2 TD- Receive Data –
3 RD+ Transmit Data +
4 n.c. not used
5 n.c. not used
6 RD- Transmit Data –
7 n.c. not used
8 n.c. not used

Ethernet Connection Data

Topology Star Topology
Medium 4 x 2 Twisted Pair copper cable Cat 3 (10 MBit/s), Cat 5 (100 MBit/s)
Length of cable 100m to the Device or to the next Hub and Switch respectively
Transmission rate 10 MBit/s / 100 MBit/s

Technical Data

Ethernet Interafce
Transmission rate 10 / 100 MBit/s
Interface max. 100 Base-TX potential free
Connector RJ45-Buchse
Operating temperature
Vertical mounted 0°C…+60°C
Horizontal mounted 0°C…+40°C

Electric voltage:


The IBH Link UA requires a 12 – 36V DC power supply. Higher voltages may destroy the device. Pay attention to polarity.

Power supply: 24VDC / 0,2A

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