Basestasjon/termineringsenhet for X5 operatørterminal

Basestasjon til X5 trådløs operatørterminal

Produktnummer: +EP3H00000SOYA0 Kategori:



  • Companion of X5 Wireless Handheld
  • Wi-Fi access point dedicated to X5 safety network
  • Dedicated safety signals for X5 Emergency Stop,
  • Enabling and Selector Compatible with JMobile runtime.
  • Supports JMobile protocols and gateway functions.
  • JM4web HTML5 interface for web
  • HMI. OPC UA server and client
  • Compatible with Corvina Cloud secure remote connectivity.
  • Plug-in module for system expansion.
  • Rugged all metal design.
  • Wide operating temperature range.


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